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Our little plush visitor goes up Cadair Idris

I was stuck in the house working, but my husband kindly volunteered to take Chump up our local mountain, which is called Cadair Idris. The name means "Idris's Chair" and according to legend, Idris the Giant used to sit on the top to watch the stars.

Chump on Cadair Idris

Near the start of the climb, Chump contemplates the summit.

Chump has a snack by a stream

This monkey is always snacking!

Here Chump rests for a moment beside a mountain stream on Cadair Idris.

Chump on Cadair Idris

You can see the summit of the mountain behind Chump.

Note the safety rope to prevent Chump being blown to her "death"!

Chump and Llyn y Gafr

This is another lake on Cadair Idris. This is Llyn y Gafr (Goat Lake).

Chump climbs Cadair Idris

Here she is, not far from the summit, sitting by Llyn y Gadair

The weather was mixed. As you can see there was still a sprinkling of hail and snow on the top.

(Apolgies for the lower resolution of the pictures. My husband took our oldest camera which is weather proof, but the quality isn't as good. Sadly, it died on the trip. I am horrified. It's only 9 years old. )
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