Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Dialogues with my cat #1

The scene is a small domestic kitchen. Helen, her husband G and the cat are present. Helen is making chilli con carne for dinner. The meat is browning in the pan. Helen opens the tin of tomatoes, leaves it on the worktop and goes to put the lid in the bin.

G (looking up from his book): Look out! The cat's eating the tomatoes!

Helen: Noooooo!

(Helen rushes back across kitchen and picks cat up off worktop.)

Cat: Noooooo!

(Helen places cat on the floor.)

Cat: No! Not fair! Delicious tomatoes!

Helen: Cat's don't like tomatoes. If you didn't think you were stealing them, you wouldn't be interested. See, if I put a bit in your bowl... (she does so) ....you won't eat them.

Cat: Nom, nom, nom! Purr! Purr!

Helen: Oh....

So now I know how to get Aimee to eat the salmon and prawn flavour Felix that she turned her nose up a day or so ago. If you add a bit of tinned chopped tomato, it makes all the difference. :)

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