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Carpe diem!

I really should have spent the day working. Yes, I know it's Sunday, but when you're part-time on short contracts, you can't work to a normal schedule. However, the forecast was for a sunny day and indeed the morning was gorgeous. After lunch I therefore took Chump the Minkie (the soft toy that's travelling round the world, courtesy of a Flickr group) up to one of my favourite local beauty spots, the Cregennen Lakes.

Here's a shot of the lake...

Cregennen Lake

Chump on gate post

We parked the car and then Chump and I set off on a short walk near the Cregennan Lakes.

Here Chump poses for a photo on the gate post.

Me and Chump by a standing stone

Chump and I pose by a standing stone.

Unlike the ones by the playing fields, this is a genuine ancient standing stone.

Chump by Cregennen lake

Chump the Minkie by Cregennen Lake.

Chump above Cregennen Lakes

Here Chump stops to rest for a while -- and eat a banana!

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