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Aimee's second trip to the vet

Aimee had to be retrieved from the top of the bookcase where, despite having practised being put into cat baskets during the week, she'd retreated on seeing me bring the cat carrier into the kitchen. Anyway, she was popped into the carrier without any fuss and we were in good time for the appointment for her second injection. We were seen promptly and she is now fully covered for all the usual cat diseases.

Either she's feeling much more secure and settled now or this visit wasn't as traumatic. We did see the Nice Young Lady Vet this time, so perhaps cats prefer the female touch? Anyway, she's come to sit with me as usual in my study instead of going to sulk on the top of the bookcase for much of the day like she did last time.

The next fun thing is that I have some antibiotics to give her for her tooth problems. I used to be able to dose my previous cats without out too much of a struggle (they'd eat anything if it was hidden in a bit of tinned pilchard!)[*], but of course I'd had them from kittens and I don't know Aimee as well. Also, she is definitely tender around the mouth. She has had treatment before and I noticed that she seems to have a slight aversion to towels, so giving her tablets may not be possible. However, I will see what I can do. Thankfully, they're only small and she only has to have half a tablet at each dose.

But the Nice Young Lady Vet said not to worry if I couldn't persuade her to take them because she'll get an antibiotic injection when she goes in to have the teeth sorted out under anaesthetic on Monday.

Poor Aimee! But I'm sure it will make her mouth more comfy in the long run.

[*] I think coating them with cheese will be a good ploy in Aimee's case. :)

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