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Aimee's visit to the vet

Today Aimee had a vet's appointment to get her teeth sorted out. I had to starve her from 8 pm last night because she was having a general anaesthetic, so she was a hungry, thirsty and wobbly cat when I collected her around 5 pm.

All went well though, her teeth have been cleaned and some dodgy ones removed, so her mouth should be more comfortable in future. She'd been very good about taking her antibiotic once I discovered that she would happily eat them if they were buried in a morsel of cheese. I'm hoping this tactic will continue to work because she has a course of antibiotic tablets as a follow up from the dental work done today.

The vet also took a blood sample to check her kidney function. It seems that she is quite a lot older than the Freshfields Rescue people thought and she is just beginning to show the first signs of kidney problems. However, the vet has recommended a new drug that we add to her food which should help keep symptoms at bay and extend her life expectancy. I do hope it works. It really is amazing how quickly we've bonded with her. She is quite a character.

Anyway, after a long drink and almost two sachets of Whiskas' best cat-food-in-a-pouch and a couple of tinned pineapple chunks[*], she has gone to sleep off the affects of the anaesthetic on her favourite sleeping place in G's study, namely a box on top of the filing cabinet. I take it from this that I am out of favour at the moment. :(

[*] Yes, I did say pineapple chunks. She saw us eating them, she demanded some, I said she wouldn't like them, she said she would, I called her bluff and gave her one -- which she promptly ate!
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