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Catching up with other things

I finished the last of the marking on Tuesday, had a lazy day yesterday doing not very much, so today I must attack my in-tray and Next Action list. I did go through all my ongoing projects yesterday and updated their To Do lists in the nice little Abstract Spoon program (what the Get Things Done system would call a Vertical Day), so today I need to actually complete some tasks.

So far today I have: stopped the virus checker nagging that it's about to expire by paying for another year; cleared all the empty tin cans off the draining board, squashed them flat and put them in the recycling bag; and put a load of laundry on to wash. (I have also let Aimee in and out through the back door numerous times, though that doesn't really count as work.) The weather is a proper April day: cloudy and windy, but the air is soft and mild and smells of new things growing. Perhaps we'll get a proper spring this year instead of just slamming straight from cold dreary winter into summer?

Right now I'm sitting upstairs in my study with Aimee on my lap, taking a moment to decide what to do next. I think a day of tackling small niggly tasks would be good because that will mean I can cross a lot of things off and I'll feel I've made lots of progress. Tomorrow I will tackle one of the many assignments whose deadlines are looming.

In the meantime, here are a few photos I took yesterday...

I thought this one should be titled I pickeded you a flower, but I'm not sure you deserve it.

I picked you a flower, but I'm not sure that you deserve it

Ooo! What have you got there?

Aimee comes to see why I'm sitting on the ground.

Signs of spring -- first buds

The trees in our back garden are getting quite large now. Buds are just showing. Summer can't be far away!

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