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Glad to be home

Snuggled in my soft pale blue sweater, making a cup of tea, it was good to be home. It's been a long hard day and a slightly scary journey home in the dark and driving rain. Although it was earlier, when it wasn't actually raining that was scariest. Driving happily along, listening to music -- and there, coming towards me, on my side of the road, bright headlights glaring through the dark and drizzle. A car was overtaking the huge lorry that was also thundering towards me. I barely had time to realise that there was no where to go to avoid a collision and I braked, but fortunately, the car just made it past and back onto the correct side of the road. I was slightly shaken, especially as I'd passed a crash on the road on the way into work. It's not the safest of roads.

On a lighter note...

Ah, Moody Aragorn.
Moody Aragorn

What Lord of the Rings Male and Mood Do You Desire?
brought to you by Quizilla

It seems I like my men dark, mean and moody. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide whether or not G (my husband of many years) fits this descriptoin.

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