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An up and down sort of day

I've done a bit of housework and even a smidgen of gardening.[*] The hawthorn is coming into leaf and is covered in buds, so there will be May blossom in due course. :)

That took up most of the morning. After lunch I commented on my students' story beginnings for their second and final assignment and poked at my poems a bit. Also consumed chocolate Easter egg.

In less good news, Aimee is currently displeased with me for washing one of her hind feet in WATER!!!! Perhaps as a result of the course of antibiotics she's just completed, she has a touch of diarrhoea and, after doing a messy poo in her litter tray, she had managed to step in it as she covered it up. I discovered this only after she had run upstairs and jumped up onto my lap, resulting in cries of, "EW!!" from me and "NOOOO!!!" from Aimee as I first wiped her hind foot with a wet paper towel and subsequently tried to wash it more thoroughly in a bowl of warm water and baby shampoo.

All is now calm again, but Aimee is currently sitting on top of the bookcase, surveying the garden and no doubt grumbling to herself about how you just can't trust the staff these days.

[*] Bathroom floor washed and toilet cleaned, also the hall and downstairs landing rugs washed and hung out to dry. Gardening involved trimming the hawthorn that I'm trying to train into an interestingly shaped tree and removing the ivy that was trying to strangle it.

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