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All about icons

Via oursin

The Rules:

1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will - allegedly - create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

These are the 5 oursin asked me about:

Though this is a splendid American Bison, I took the photo coming home from work one day. When I worked in Ruthin, I passed the herd of Bison daily because they're on the Rhug Estate. They now sell bison meat in their farm shop, though I haven't ventured to try it yet. I can vouch for their lamb burgers though. Very tasty and prize winning!

I took the photo while I was doing the Open University Digital Photography course (T189). The assignment for that week was to photograph things in a way that made them look like something they weren't, so I was trying to make the damp grey Welsh countryside look like the open prairie. How well I succeeded, I leave for others to judge. Here he is in the full size version.

I use the icon when I'm doing a post about Things Are Not What They Seem and also just on a whim.

This is the aptly named Rheadr Du/Black Waterfall near Ganllwyd. I tend to use it when life is a bit turbulent.

This is a rather anachronistic St George from a church in Prague. I took the photo last autumn on my short break in the Czech Republic. Used mostly for posts about horses and riding.

The photo of the bubble was a crop from this larger picture, taken when I was attempting the Photo a Day challenge. It was too horrible and grey to go out and photograph landscapes, so I was playing around with indoor shots of bubbles. They are not easy to capture! I feel there's something a little strange, even frenetic about the image, so I use it if I'm feeling a bit hyper.

This is a shot of Clock House near Barmouth taken from a rather unusual viewpoint with the Barmouth railway bridge in the background. It's a crop from one of these sunset shots taken looking down the Mawddach Estuary. I think there's something a bit fantastical or even SFnal about the turreted house seen from this angle.

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