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What on earth has happened to the weather?

I don't believe it! Three glorious days in a row. I hope whoever got our weather by mistake is enjoying it, because I'm definitely enjoying theirs. :)

Yesterday I met the family again and we drove to Tywyn. From there we caught the Talyllyn Railway to Dolgoch falls where we walked a little way and then had a picnic in the woods near the waterfall. Little E managed to walk most of the way, which is very good, considering she's only 2.

Then we caught the train back to Tywyn and from there drove to Castell y Bere, which is one of the Welsh castles, eventually taken by the English. I have photos, but haven't had time to process them yet.

Today G had an OU exam, which was being held in Llandudno, so I got to chauffeur him up there. While he sat the exam, I walked along the seafront and admired the beautiful blue sky and blue sea.


I also managed to do a bit of shopping and bought a new sun hat, some perfume and a skirt, a jumper, a cardi and two t-shirts. I did need the perfume because I had run out a few weeks ago, I also needed to boost my summer wardrobe after culling a few rather shabby items, however, the main reason for the spending spree was to use the gift voucher my daughter had given me about 12 months ago and also to spend the Marks & Spencers vouchers I'd got by trading in the Texaco petrol points. I was getting a bit worried that the vouchers might expire because I'd had them so long.

G said it was the best exam room ever, with a view out over the sea. :)

After that we drove back to Llandudno Junction and stopped at the pizza place for a meal before heading for home.

I really will have to do some work tomorrow.

Oh, a couple of weeks ago, there was a discussion in papersky's LJ about drinking fountains and the lack thereof in the UK. Here's a picture of a typical Victorian drinking fountain. These used to be found in all the city parks and many public spaces. I can remember them still working in the late 50s and very early 60s, but vandalism and fears about hygiene gradually put paid to them

Victorian drinking fountain, Llandudno

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