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Found via rosamund

I have issues with...
Take Word Association Test

It all depends on what you mean by "issues". I take that to mean "have problems with", but perhaps that's too narrow a meaning. The only one I possibly do have issues with in that sense is discipline. I believe it's generally a good thing, though perhaps not when applied to myself. *g*

Basically the test was measuring hesitation before answering the question "Do you feel negative, neutral or positive about this word?". I'm not sure this is entirely reliable. For example, with "society" I was briefly pondering what exactly it meant by the word. Heavens, I've done OU courses which spent pages and pages and thousands of words debating what "society" is. Likewise "religion". Is it a good or bad thing? I could do a 2,000 word essay debating this one.

And why "travel"? Admittedly I don't travel much. I haven't been abroad for nearly 30 years, but I wouldn't say it's a issue. I would like to travel more, but don't have time, until recently didn't have the money, and the places I might like to go, G wouldn't, so I'd have to go alone or find someone else to go with. But if I really wanted to spend time travelling, as opposed to exploring the beautiful and interesting area where I live, then I certainly could do so.

My hesitation over "fame" was because if I did ever succeed in getting my novel(s) accepted by a publisher, I would become at least very mildly famous. And yes, I would feel slightly ambivalent about that. The likelihood of becoming really famous is small, but theoretically possible if I achieve my ambition, whereas otherwise I will remain utterly inconspicuous. Thinking of writers like J K Rowling, Terry Pratchett and more recently Philip Pullman, fame has changed their lives. Who knows whether it's for the better or the worse? Hmmm... Perhaps what I really have issues with is "change". However, that word didn't come up.

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