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Everyone's talking about Dreamwidth

Lots of my LJ friends seem to be setting up accounts with Dreamwidth. I have no plans to move from here, unless and until LiveJournal either folds or changes beyond all recognition. However, I have registered on Dreamwidth with OpenID (for commenting on blogs that are migrating over there) and might possibly have an invite code coming my way, so I'll turn it into a fully-fledged account in due course.

What will I do with it? Well, I have no intention of copying this blog over there wholesale. I back up the journal on my own computer every so often. I can't honestly think that anyone else would ever want to know what I did on 2 May three years ago, though I do like to look back occasionally to see what I was doing 1, 2, 3 or 4 years ago. So if the blog ever has to move, I intend to start with a clean slate. I know Dreamwidth will import old posts etc. etc., but I really can't be arsed to spend hours worrying over whether the Security Level transferred correctly. I never post anything very personal, but there is stuff that I've put behind friendslock that I'd prefer not to be available to all and sundry.

As to duplicating content, forget it. I tried running a parallel blog once before (with 2 LJ accounts) in order to allow my students access to my writing posts without giving them access to everything else. As the youth of today put it, it did my head in! I can already see various members of my friends' list struggling with the problem of where comments should go: to both accounts or just one, and if one, which one? I really don't to be faffing around with all that.

At the moment, I'll use the Dreamwidth account just for commenting, but unless there's some kind of LJ disaster and everyone ends up migrating wholesale (which I can't see, to be honest) if/when I start posting to Dreamwidth, it will be different content, possibly aimed at a slightly different readership. My LJ friends can then add the extra blog or not, as they prefer.

You know, this feeling of uncertainty and "This too shall pass" sort of reminds me when LiveJournal started and people on rafsc were talking about setting up accounts. That was probably the beginning of the end for rasfc as people discovered that it was possible to have online conversations solely with people you liked and enjoyed reading and communicating with. There is a hardcore of rasfcers who seem to think that it's somehow bracing and character forming to have to put up with people who you don't agree with and who are totally obnoxious about thrusting their views in your face and forever haranguing you about what they see as your stupid beliefs. Well, I don't do that during my leisure time when socialising face-to-face and on the odd occasion I have had to do it at work, I was paid for it! Why should I have to do it online? And of course, I no longer have to.

Once upon a time, there were very few places to communicate and socialise on the Net; now there are multitudes. Ten or more years ago I was just on Usenet and the Open University's CoSy conferencing system. Now I have at least 2 LJs (I think there's a third still extant, but I'd have to look up its name), I have 2 Facebook accounts, 2 OU FirstClass conference accounts (one as tutor, one as student), a Blogspot blog, a Twitter account, a Flickr account (it was 2, but I deleted one) -- oh, and yesterday I set up a Youtube account so I could keep a favourites list on there. Before long, I might have a Dreamwidth account too!

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