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Counting down to the deadlines

A more productive day today. I got some marking done, went for a 5 mile walk, made contact via Freecycle with a possible recipient for a desk and folding patio table and chairs set that I want to get rid of and played the ukulele for a while.

There were lots of lovely bluebells around in the woods I passed on my walk, though the light wasn't good enough to bother taking the camera. Besides, I have a load of photos I still haven't processed from over Easter.

Deadline 14 May 09 (Days remaining 9)

  • Assignments to mark: 37 34 35 (Three marked, one late assignment downloaded)

  • Short stories to write: 1 (May try to poke at first draft after I've played ukulele for a bit.)

  • BA Ed assignments to write: 3

Also, deadline 30 May 09

  • Short stories to write: 1


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