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In which I Buy Things

Feeling recovered after a snack and a cup of tea, I decided to go and look for rats. G's Christmas present was a new rat cage and a "Gift Voucher" for 2 rats. (Made by me, obviously. I don't think anyone actually does Rat Vouchers). I'd had to give the "Gift Voucher" because I'd been unable to get to a place selling rats in time for Christmas. As I was up in Bangor for the OU tutorial, I thought I'd take the opportunity to investigate the small conglomeration of "Super Stores" (probably not very Super to those who live in Big Places, but they do for us yokels). There was a pet superstore there and they had rats.

We had girl rats last time, but this time we've got two boys. They're very sweet and pretty, but as yet haven't got names. (G has declared that they must have Welsh names, so I'm thinking.) They've nibbled a bit of food, found the water and are now settled in the corner of their cage, curled up together, probably tired out after the long drive home and investigating their new home. I was surprised to realise that they didn't know what a yoghurt drop was! Florence and Rosie would nearly snatch your arm off for a yoghurt drop, but these two just sniffed it and then went to the food bowl. I'm sure that will change. It will be fun getting to know them and introducing them to new taste experiences.

Already I can tell that they're much bolder and more confident than our previous rats. I think we should be able to get these really tame. Florence and Rosie were always nervy and difficult to pick up. It took a week or so before they'd even take food offered between the bars, though eventually I could get them to run up my arm onto my shoulder.

Oh, and I also bought a washing machine. That was just before I bought the rats. Our current washing machine, which we've had for at least 10 years, is on its last legs and makes a horrendous noise when spinning. I'm expecting it to grind to a halt any day now (and I mean that literally). So, as I realised that the pet store was on the same block as a Curry's, I popped in there first and after some dithering which, due to the large number of subtly different machines available, nearly teetered into choice paralysis, I settled on one, paid for it and arranged delivery and installation.

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