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Counting down to the deadlines

Phew! I now have a complete crappy first draft of the short story I need to complete by Thursday. I feel soooo much better.

A few days ago, I was contemplating abandoning it and starting something new, but thankfully I resisted the urge and pushed on. Lying in bed this morning, I realised I had been starting in the wrong place, so I worked out what the right place would be and that has given it a more dramatic "hook" for the opening.

So I now have a draft that is a) nearly 500 words too long and b) mostly telling, but by the time I've dramatised as much of the telling as possible, cut the waffle and expanded the bits where it needs more vivid description, I should have a 2000 word short story. Go me! (As the youth of today say.)

I must say that doing the creative writing course has taught me that not only can I write a short story on demand but that the quality of the stories that I develop consciously and deliberately are no worse (and possibly better) than the ones I used to write just because I was "inspired" to write them.

The rest of the day was spent posting messages to the tutor group on what to do next and marking one and a bit of the (virtual) pile of assignments. I also "marked" the three practice assignments that had turned up, all of which were in the Word 2007 format, which is not a permitted format. Why can't people read the instructions?

My next job is to work out my victims' interviewees' Zone of Proximal Development so I can progress the numeracy assignment.

Deadline 14 May 09 (Days remaining 4)

  • Assignments to mark: 30½ 29½

  • Short stories to write revise: 1

  • BA Ed assignments to write: 2

  • BA Ed assignments to revise: 1

Also, deadline 30 May 09

  • Short stories to write: 1


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