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Racefail 2.0 Thirteenth Child

I'm actually reading this book at the moment. I began it before the Racefail 2.0 storm broke. I have various issues with the book, one of which is the one that everyone's going on about, though to be honest, there's so little scene setting (I keep wanting to write "Add description!" in the margin) that the book could be set on Mars for all the internal evidence. However, I'm beginning to wonder if Racefail 2.0 isn't just generating more heat than light.

Is there something actually useful all this energy could be directed towards? What is the situation with regard to native people and their culture at the present moment? Is there anything practical that can be done to help?

My personal position is that I'm too involved in negotiating the tricky waters of the Welsh culture and language issue to get involved in something with which I have no direct experience. But in Wales, the more people who speak the language and take an interest in the culture the better. And I don't mean just the ancient culture, but the modern Welsh culture, which is alive and well due to the efforts of people over the last 50 years or so, some of whom were prepared to break the law and go to gaol or even go on hunger strike to get the rights that they wanted.

Culture and identity and language are very complex issues and though a lot of the people venting in the various threads mean well, what good is it actually doing? It's raising people's consciousnesses, that's true, and that was an important aspect of feminism of the 1970s, but it takes more than that to make real changes to the real world situation. Will anything useful come of this, or is it just a storm on the Internets?
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