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State of the deadlines

New deadline 22 May 09 (Days remaining 7)

  • Assignments to mark: 23

  • BA Ed assignments to write: 2

  • BA Ed assignments to revise: 1

Also, deadline 30 May 09

  • Short stories to write: 1

Good things about today:

I successfully completed and submitted my penultimate assignment for the creative writing course.

I was finally paid for the photo that the Australian publisher wanted to use in a book! It was a mere 10 dollars (Australian) which, by the time it had been translated into poundses, came to 4.39 UK pounds, but it is my first photo sale and took no effort on my part because they just found the picture on Flickr. Who would have thought anyone would want a close up of a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato?

Kitchen timer

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