Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What I plan to do with this blog

Having set up this Dreamwidth blog, I then needed to think of a purpose for it. In the end, I decided to use it for exercise related posts because I may want to point local face-to-face friends and family at these, and though my photos may be of general interest, I'm sure they won't want to plough through all the wittering about writing that I do over on LiveJournal.

I have chosen to go back to the name [info - personal]llygoden on Dreamwidth because writing and online friends know me by my middle name, but family and local friends know me by my first name. Using a pseudonym means that it doesn't matter which name you know me by.

So, this introduction is intended as my first venture into Dreamwidth and also an experiment in cross-posting. I will now cross my fingers and click the Post button!

PS Just in case you were wondering, llygoden is Welsh for mouse. It's pronounced approximately: thlug-odd-en, with the "th" being the unvoiced "th" of throat, not the voiced "th" of the. The emphasis should be on the odd.
Tags: meta

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