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It seems to be summer!

It's a very pleasant 23 deg C here at the moment, which translates to 74 deg F. Of course I'm still in deadline hell, critiquing the last of the little stories. I have just 9 to go now, which should take just over 2 hours.

Please, please, please let some of them be brilliant. They're easy to comment on because it's just a case of pointing out some good bits, correcting the occasional tiny typo and saying, "Well done! Keep on as you are!"

I have, however, become ruthless with some of the weaker ones. I used to go through and meticulously mark all the spelling and grammar and punctuation errors, but that's what really takes the time. I've now decided on a policy of commenting that the weak spelling and punctuation is letting the story down, correcting every tiny mistake in the first paragraph and then saying, "I don't have time to correct the rest. Please read a good book on grammar to see how to do it right." (Except that I say it a bit more encouragingly than that!)

This might seem a bit hard, but it is supposed to be a degree level course. I shouldn't have to be correcting hundreds of speeling and pnuctuation! errors.

Once I've finished all the little stories, the next job is to get my own assignment ready and into the post by Thursday at the latest. I was working on a story about a concert pianist who had been reincarnated as a cat, but after the relatively poor mark I achieved for my last story about a ghost, I think I'll change tack and do the poetry with fiction option. I have a 620 words mainstream story that I wrote by accident some years ago. If I edit that and boost it's length to the required 1200 words, write a new poem and edit one or two that are lying around in my notebook, I should have an assignment.

For the first time ever, I'm actually making use of the Writer's Notebook that every writing course says you should keep and, until now, I never have, for reasons not unlike these. :)

Off now to have a quick cup of tea, play the ukulele for 15 minutes and then back to the critiquing.

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