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Art or vandalism?

A farmer is not pleased that someone has created a giant jellyfish in one of his fields.

Picture here...

In other news, the final assignment for the creative writing course is now on its way. I rushed into town this morning and was at the post office counter moments after they opened. I'm going to take a day off writing and critting fiction and instead I will catch up with home admin stuff and hopefully go out for some exercise later. I have already spoken to the council refuse department and requested a green wheelie bin. We never had one before because there are lots of steps between our back garden and the road, so when they were given out many years ago, we were allowed to continue to use black plastic rubbish sacks.

However, the new refuse regime begins this week and we'll only be allowed three black bags every fortnight! This is not going to be enough because I tend to use smaller bags and not put all that much in each one. I reckon that I could get at least 5 of my size of bag in a wheelie bin.

Quite how I'm going to get a wheelie bin up and down all the steps, I don't know, but I will think of something.

Meanwhile, the weather is still sunny, but much cooler. I have had to shut the window and put a cardigan on as I was feeling a little shivery.

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