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I am sooooo tired

The kickbike arrived safely at lunchtime, but I didn't have time to assemble it because I spent 3½ hours this afternoon mowing the front grass. Because I've been so busy, it had got really long , so I grabbed the chance today to mow it while the weather was dry. Actually, the weather is cooler today and strangely grey, overcast and clammy, but it hasn't rained, so all the front grass is now neat and tidy.

Most of the back is done too, so perhaps this is the year that I get the garden back under control?

I will assemble the kickbike tomorrow and give it a trial run down the old railway. Which means...

I should reach Lothlorien tomorrow!

I haven't been posting regular Eowyn Challenge updates recently, but I'm still plodding along (literally, in this case because some weeks I'm just doing a mile a day!).

Walking to Lothlorien

Miles travelled today: 2 (one mile into town and back and, seeing I was on my feet for 3½ hours, surely I walked a mile behind the mower?)
Miles travelled so far: 460 (918 from Bagend)
Miles remaining: 2
Percentage of journey complete: 99.6%

Point reached on journey: We have reached the north side of Caras Galadan. The early stars are out. (Looks out of study window. Nope. It's still far too light for stars to be visible.)

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