Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The kickbike is assembled

The kickbike arrived safely on Wednesday. I didn't have time to do anything with it yesterday, but today I took it out of the box and managed to assemble it. I think everything is in the correct place and it seems fine.

Tomorrow I just need to adjust the brakes and pump up the tyres bit more and then I can take it for a spin.

In case you're wondering, a kickbike is the new, adult, updated and sexed up version of one of these.

The one I bought looks like this.

It is green and has a sparkly finish,

I've had a bike for some years, and I do cycle up and down the old railway line, but I've never been much of a cyclist. My theory is that it's because I didn't have a bike when I was a kid and didn't get to mess around and get really confident with cycling. What I did have was a scooter. My little friend and I must have travelled for miles around the Manchester streets on our scooters. If we weren't roller skating, we were scootering. Perhaps I'm hoping to recapture some of the fun I had then?

As an adult, I'm hoping it will give me the exercise advantages of running, without the downsides, such as the wear and tear on joints. (Kickbiking is low impact.) And anyway, I've never been a distance runner. I was a sprinter and hurdler in my youth.

Brisk walking is fine, but can get boring and I don't have the confidence to cycle on the roads because even quiet lanes can have unexpected cars travelling fast, so I just go up and down the old railway, which therefore also gets boring. The kickbike will be easier to transport (it should fit in the car with the front wheel removed), it's easier to hop off to walk up steep hills, lighter to push up hills and lift over gates and generally more maneouvrable.

I'm not going to abandon the bike, or stop walking, but my plan is to rotate the type of exercise to maximise variation and interest and minimise muscle strain and saddle soreness.
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