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It's like a soap opera out there

I'm supposed to be working, but I keep being distracted by little wildlife dramas being played out in the gardens beyond my study window. Yesterday a couple of sparrows chased a young squirrel away from the neighbour's bird feeders onto our conservatory roof. Today I heard squawking and looked out to see a stand-off between the young squirrel and a juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpecker. A little while later, they managed to arrange themselves on separate bird feeders.

By the time I'd grabbed my camera, the confrontation was over, but I managed to grab a couple of shots of them feeding.

First the woodpecker...

Juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Woodpecker & Squirrel

I think the woodpecker has spotted me, but the squirrel carries on eating, totally oblivious to being photographed. I love the furry bottom and fluffy tail. :)
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