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Writing progress

No writing done yesterday, but I was good today. I managed to leave work by 3.15pm. My New Year's resolution is to take the time off I'm owed in lieu of working evenings, instead of being sucked into doing marking and lesson preparation and generally just hanging around in the office. There seems to be a culture of working long hours in this college. Where my husband works, if you're caught between the staff car park and the main doors at 4.15, you'll be killed in the stampede of staff rushing to get home. Well, not quite, but they do seem to work school type hours, whereas where I work, they're more like office hours and people are still working well after 5.00pm. Anyway, I got away promptly, so arrived home in good time and instead of reading LJ or Usenet, I typed up the hand-written first draft I wrote on Tuesday and continued on a bit further.

Writing statistics:

Total words written today: 660
Current length of novel: 26,000
Reason for stopping: End of scene and I'm getting hungry. Time for pizza.

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