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In which doing a creative writing course pays off

I was delighted to be able to not only recognise a skilful use of assonance and alliteration in a story I was marking, but also to be able to point out where the assonance had been taken a step too far and instead suggest an alternative word that continued the alliteration.

Of course all the other tutors will have studied Eng Lit beyond O-level, so no doubt they've always been able to do it, but I feel chuffed that I have finally learned to hear the words of a story instead of just using the words as a means of getting colourful and exciting pictures into my head.

In other news, I've got bored with my old default icon and replaced it with this one showing the view out of my study window on a sunny day. Of course it isn't sunny today, so perhaps I need to do a series taken in all different weather conditions?

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