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It's easy to see the world for free if you're a soft toy

A few months ago we played host to a small soft toy called Chump the Minkie. Chump has moved on to America, where she has been to Chicago and California. Meanwhile, another little monkey called George has also been on his travels and is now staying with me for a week or so.

Yesterday was our first expedition. I took George on the kickbike to a local beauty spot.

The kickbike.

My new toy!

George would love to ride it, but all he can do is cling to the handlebars. :)

George on the kickbike

Here is George relaxing in the grass. The mountain in the background is Cadair Idris and a few months ago, Chump the Minkie climbed to the very top when she was staying with me.

George and Cadair Idris

There was a young man swimming with his dog in the deep pool by the bridge, but George took one look and pronounced it far too cold! Instead he posed on the pebbly river beach.

George on pebbles IMG_2360 copy

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