Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Next destination: Rauros Falls

Miles travelled today: 4½
Miles travelled so far: 31½ (951½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 357½
Percentage complete: 8%

Point reached on journey: End of day one for the Hobbits. (My progress is really feeble compared to a real Hobbit! It's taken me 2 weeks to get to this point.) There are bare woods on both banks. The land is silent. It is misty and dusk comes early. We are about to camp in the woods on the west bank of the Silverlode. The weather is dreary and cold.

Where I really went...

This was the longest expotition on the kickbike so far. It wasn't anywhere exciting though, I just went down the old railway trail to Penmaenpool and back. Thankfully I had nice weather than the Hobbits, but only just. It's been grey and overcast all day and I had to put on a sweater this morning as the thin cardigan wasn't warm enough.

Anyway, I must be getting fitter because it's starting to seem easier to kick along. I seem to have developed a steady pace that I can sustain for some time and I don't swerve around as much when changing legs as I did at the start. It's still fun and as I arrived back out of breath and sweaty, it's making me work harder than the bike.

The next step is to experiment with getting it into the car boot. As it has quick release wheels, it's supposed to fit. That would mean I could explore the forest and other trails that are further from home. Oooh! More variety.
Tags: eowyn challenge, exercise, kickbike

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