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Plottomator on the Web

For those of you who have been reading my Plottomator prompts and expressed an interest in using it, I've managed to track down the version that was put on the Web. It's here on Mike Deller's blog, just over on the right hand side with a button that you can click to get another prompt if the first one really isn't doing anything for you.

I would suggest, however, that you don't keep clicking in the hope that something appealing will come up because the way I see it, it's the having to make sense of something bizarre or apparently unpromising that makes random prompts work -- at least that's how it works for me.

If you like random plot generators, here's another one that someone linked to some years ago. This gives a more detailed plot outline, bilingually, in English and Esperanto!

And for completeness, here's a random word generator. You can use this in conjuction with a random plot generator to give you extra elements for the story. For example, generate a Plottomator or Traevoli plot and then get 2 random words that also have to feature in the story.

At a slight tangent, and so I can put all my random web things in one post, this is the Oblique Strategies page where you can click to get a random card. These could possibly be used in story generating, perhaps to decide what a character does next if your novel is stuck. They're actually intended as a way of tackling problems, so they're supposed to be applied to your work etc. How you interpretate the cards is entirely up to you.

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