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We have always wanted to fill the whole of the Royal Albert Hall with ukulele players

I cannot now remember the chain of links that led me to discover that this very day the London Uke Festival is attempting to break the Guinness Book of Records world record for the greatest number of ukulele players playing a song simultaneously. Anyway, somehow I ended up there and after downloading the chosen song (Sloop John B) I discovered their Youtube lessons on how to strum along. There are several versions, but I liked these two particularly. How to strum (with some subtle embellishments to the basic chords and Catherine's version.

And while we're talking about performances by huge numbers of ukuleles, how about this? Which again I found by accident.

George Hinchcliffe, director of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, said: “The BBC Proms are great for making music accessible, as is the ukulele, due to it being cheap and portable. Everyone can have a go.

“That is why we thought audience participation would be a great idea – that and the fact that we have always wanted to fill the whole of the Royal Albert Hall with ukulele players.”

ETA: The UOGB concert is to be held in the Royal Albert Hall in London on August 18.

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