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Showing George the sights

The weather has been very mixed here, but George* has been out with me to a couple of places. I'm just catching up with processing the photos. Here are some taken last Friday in South Wales.

My husband had to go down to South Wales on business, so I volunteered to be his chauffeur and George came along for the ride and to see more of Wales.

Unfortunately, it rained most of the day, so this is George at the rather wet Roman Amphitheatre in Caerleon.

George at the Roman Amphitheatre, Caerleon, South Wales

It was built in about 90 AD for the garrison stationed in Caerleon. Nearby are the remains of a large barracks complex. As it says on the information sign, "It would have been used by the troops for drills, parades and weapons training, as well as for the brutal amusements to which the Romans were so addicted."

Even though I assured George that small monkeys were very unlikely to have been involved, he looks rather sad in this shot. No doubt he's thinking of all the people and animals who must have died here in the name of entertainment.

George at the Roman Amphitheatre, Caerleon, South Wales

This niche is situated in one of the waiting rooms where the performers would prepare to enter the arena. It was originally intended for a statue of a Roman god, in this case probably Nemesis, the goddess of Fate.

George with Roman Brickwork, Caerleon, South Wales

Yesterday George visited a gold mine, but I'll post those photos later.

* The small toy monkey who is currently seeing the world by staying with various members of one of the Flickr groups I belong to.

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