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Some small frustrations

I wrote about buying the washing machine last week. Well, it should have been delivered yesterday. According to the automated information line, it should have arrived between 2.00pm and 6.00pm. At least these new systems give you that much information, which meant that I could nip into town in the morning and do the urgent bits and pieces I needed to do and I only had to sit in waiting during the afternoon. Which is just as well, because I waited and waited and eventually someone phoned to say that they couldn't deliver it because the van had broken down. Poo! I wanted my nice new quiet washing machine.

Then I went to bed, not knowing whether I would be able to get into work the next day. The evening news and weather had been full of dire snow warnings. But when I peeped out of the window this morning, everything was still green and brown. No blanket of snow to be seen. And there's still no snow. Not that I'm complaining. I have a long journey home, some of it across quite bleak open landscape, so I can well do without snow. I will keep an eye on the weather as the evening class progresses and at the first sign of a snowfall, I'm calling it a day and sending people home early.

Finally, because I'm just not in the mood to write (too twitchy), I thought I'd comment on the novel synopsis I'd agreed to look at for Zeborah (rasfc and IWriSloMo). But when I tried to copy it off the floppy disc, it came up with a disc error. Grrr! Snarl!

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