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Just a quick update

I am tired and so longer posts will have to wait. There is stuff I want to write, but I still don't seem to have time.

Yesterday I was scampering around cleaning and moving stuff from one room to another. There is still too much stuff in this house and I need to have another purge, starting next week, I think. The reason for the scampering was that our son and his wife were coming to visit.

The reason for the visit was that our son's friend was getting married. They stayed over with us last night and, because they weren't invited to the service* or the reception, we went to Prestatyn to see my Dad. M doesn't get the chance to see his Grandpa very often, so it was a good opportunity. We chatted and Dad treated us to lunch at a nearby pub. M & M are now off at the evening do and will be back sometime late. We'll hang out together tomorrow morning and they they'll drive back to South Wales.

While they're out enjoying themselves, I'm sitting in a pleasantly cool draft from the partially open window, critiquing story openings posted by my students. Outside, it is raining hard.

* Of course they could have attended the church service just to watch, but the wedding is 1 hour's drive from our house, therefore too far to go and then come home and then go back again for the evening festivities.

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