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A few random things

This morning I did an ironing session -- enlivened by listening to the little personal FM radio -- and got rid of the last basket of clean dry clothes that had been cluttering up the conservatory since I don't know when. (I'd already had a couple of mega ironing sessions. The first before I went to the Diana Wynne Jones conference and the second just before our son and his wife arrived to visit.)

I resolve to keep on top of the ironing from now on so the conservatory can be a useful sitting place instead of a laundry dump.

Another recent improvement was that I finally got G to help me move the coffee table down into the conservatory. It was a bit too big for the upstairs spare bedroom-cum-sitting room and some time ago I bought a little set of nesting tables to use up there instead.

Due to the water being off, I couldn't begin to tackle the big pile of dirty laundry that has built up while I was trying to clear the backlog of clean stuff. I don't know what is wrong with our water supply at the moment, but this is the third time it's gone off without warning in the past few months. Fortunately I found enough water in bottles (left over from the last time we went out for the day) to clean my teeth and make a few cups of tea and coffee. It did eventually come back on, so I managed another load of washing in the afternoon.

The other task for the morning was to go for a routine mammogram, part of the national breast cancer screening programme. Afterwards I popped into Boots for some vitamins and then treated myself to an ice cream on the way home.

Other than that, I've not really done anything. I fiddled about on-line, responded to some queries from my student, read LJ etc and then went back into town to buy food. I didn't fancy anything cooked, but I've now eaten too much bread and hummus and tzatziki (plus salad) and at least one too many custard doughnuts.


The diet more appropriate level of food consumption starts tomorrow...

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