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Eowyn Challenge -- Progress

Next destination: Rauros Falls

Miles travelled today: 8
Miles travelled so far: 79½ (999½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 309½
Percentage complete: 20%

Point reached on journey: We're still drifting down the river. The trees are thin and the sky is grey and overcast. (So at least the weather was authentic!)

Where I really went...

I went on the kickbike down the old railway track to Aberwynant I haven't ridden the kickbike for about 2 weeks, what with going away for the weekend and just getting distracted by other things, but I now seem to have found a nice steady pace, 4 kicks to each side, that I can maintain for quite a while, even going up a slight gradient into a head wind.

This makes the third day in a row that I've done an exercise session and I've started to cut down on carbohydrates again. With luck I might start to lose a few pounds, which in turn should help the blood pressure.

As today and yesterday were just routine local walks, I'm going to post pictures of Thursday's walk in Aberystwyth. G had to go there to receive his certificate for successfully completing the course on teaching bilingually, so after dropping him off at the posh hotel, I went back into Aber and parked in the main car park. I did a quick walk round the shops in the rain -- there is a new Pets At Home and what used to be a supermarket is now a Matalan -- then down the high street and back to the car to eat my picnic. At that point, the rain eased, so I decided to cross the river by the new pedestrian bridge and see if I could find the way up Pen Dinas. I did this walk many time when I was a student in Aber, but that was getting on for 40 years ago and my sense of direction isn't all that reliable, however, for once it did not fail me and though there were now big new houses where there used to be fields, I did find the start of the footpath up to the top.

I had George the monkey with me, so I took several photos of him too. I really want to take him for a day at the seaside. I have some ideas for cute photos, but I need better weather than we're currently having. The rain just about held off for my walk, but it was spitting throughout and as you can see from the skies, more rain was on its way.

Long grass, Pen Dinas

George rests his little legs :)

George rests his little legs. In the distance, you can see the harbour.

George amires the view!

A little further on, George climbed a fence post in order to get a better look at the view.

Pen Dinas, Aberystwyth

Almost there! The monument at the top was to commemorate the battle of Waterloo. The site is actually an good example of a hill fort, but there really isn't anything much to see on the ground.

George on the top of Pen Dinas, Aberystwyth

The view from the top.

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