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George says, "Goodbye!"

This was our final trip out with George. Last Wednesday, my husband suddenly fancied a trip out, so I hung on to George for one more day and we all went on the Welsh Highland Railway. We went on this train last year, but they've opened another stretch of line, so we joined the train where it ended last year, and went on to the new end of the line.

George on the Welsh Highland Railway

George seemed to enjoy the trip. Here the other train passes going in the opposite direction.

George looking out of the window

George loved watching the scenery pass by.

George & K1

Several families posed the kids in front of the engine, so George wanted to pose too. :)

George & Wolfie

Back home next morning, George prepares to say farewell. He hasn't been lonely, even when I've been too busy to entertain him. He very quickly made friends with Wolfie, who is originally from Canada but who has lived in Wales for many years now.

George saying goodbye

George says goodbye to his little friend Wolfie and settles into his travelling box ready to go on to the next destination.

Bye, bye, George! We'll miss you! He is off now to stay with his next host family up in Scarborough.

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