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So where did all the snow go?

It was snowing quite hard last night as I drove home. It wasn't snowing in Ruthin, but as several people in the class were doing tests and I didn't think anyone would want to start a brand new unit (spreadsheets) at 8.30pm immediately after doing the word processing test, I said that anyone who had finished their test could go and then sent the residue home at 8.45pm to give me a head start on the weather.

But despite the snow being quite blizzardy in places (to the extent that it became easier to peer through the whirling flakes into the gloom produced by dipped headlights rather than be dazzled by all the bright whirling whiteness generated by headlights on full beam) there was no snow on the road this morning. Plenty on the hills and small lanes, but the main road was clear.

So though I was slightly late to work this morning, it wasn't due to the snow, it was due to having to wait while the garage chappy unfroze the airline so I could pump up a front tyre that seemed rather soft.

When I got to work, the computer room seemed rather chilly. That was when I realised I had forgotten the body warmer I usually bring on Wednesdays so that I don't freeze in Bala during the evening class. So at lunch time I zoomed out to post my apa contribution, buy something more interesting for lunch (I had my usual healthy snack, but the raw biting wind made me want something more substantial) and to buy another body warmer. This isn't as crazy and extravagent as it might sound because I've been meaning to get another one for ages. Having only one is a nuisance because I wear it a lot and miss it while it's in the wash. So now I have two.

And now, having just popped my head out to see what the weather is like, I know where the snow has gone. It's falling now!! I spoke too soon. So I'm off back to the main college where I will have to decide whether to abandon the evening class and phone everyone to say it's cancelled, or whether to risk the roads still be passable by car after 9.00pm tonight.

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