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Quick update

brownnicky and birdsedge have been talking about their offices. I might take up their challenge to post photos of the room as is (no cheating, no tidying), but then again, I might not! :)

The room is a mess at the moment. It's not my working corner, the mess is the stuff that was removed from the spare room to make it habitable by guests and is now piled on the chair and floor. It's old stuff that needs sorting into Stuff I Want To Keep and Stuff That Can be Jettisoned. Then I need to find a place for the keepers. But as I'm busy with marking my students' final assignments, I can't get bogged down in too much decluttering, though I did clean out the corner of the kitchen worktop where dust and cobwebs tend to gather underneath the gas combi-boiler.

Anyway, having said that it was too wet to go and look at stone quarries on Tuesday evening, we went along, fully prepared to find no one had turned up. To G's surprise, there were 6 people, so though I'd taken a book and had planned to wait in the car, I went along for the walk too. The rain more or less held off and we had some lovely views of Bala Lake with the Eisteddfod field in the distance.

After looking at the manganese bed, which had been mined in a very small way at some time in the past, we walked on over the fields to the Craig y Fron Quarry, which is a very strange place due to the way they have mined the stone that was used for the college and other old buildings in the town. The quarry is a huge sloping chamber, about 3 metres high throughout and the roof is supported by occasional pillars of rock that have been left in place. It is also the habitation of the Cave Sheep. Well, I suppose they're ordinary sheep, but from the smell and layer of sheep poo covering the floor, the sheep in the adjacent field look on it as their home in inclement weather. :)

I have tried Googling and couldn't find any pictures, so the place obviously isn't well known. As I hadn't thought we were actually going on the walk, I hadn't taken my camera. I think another visit is called for at some point.

Otherwise I'm plodding on with tutoring work and nibbling away at the house work. The depression is not good at the moment, so I'm looking at ways to find some sort of work that involves being with people. Being at home alone too much is not good for me.

More positively, we have a chap coming to give us a quote for a new double-glazed front door and a downstairs window tomorrow. This should make the downstairs of the house considerably warmer. We've also just booked a few days away in London so that G can have a break before starting the merry round of teaching again in late August.

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