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Photos from the walk yesterday

A few of the photos from yesterday.

Cat and mountain

As you can see, the cat is giving me a Funny Look. I think he or she is saying, "Go away! I am a wild cat, doing the things wild cats do and I don't want you trying to pet me!"

I didn't have my zoom lens with me, so I took a couple of shots from a distance and then tiptoed a bit closer.

Purple flower (Purple loosestrife?)

I think this could be purple loosestrife, but if anyone knows better, please let me know!

Goose and gate

This goose hissed at me as I looked at him through the gate. I think it fancies itself as a guard goose! :)

Rosebay Willowherb & Cadair Idris

Rosebay willow herb, aka fireweed, is fairly rare round here as it only grows where something has been burned. When I was a kid, it was everywhere. It grew on the old bomb sites left from WWII and also on the council tip where all the ashes from all the coal fires were dumped. In late summer, it sometimes looked as though it was snowing when the airborne seeds drifted on the wind.

Rosebay Willowherb

More willow herb. When the sun comes out between the showers, the countryside is lovely with wild flowers adding colour to the green.


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