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Two go to the seaside

I have achieved various things over the past few days:

I have finally realised that the recent feelings of stress, panic and hopelessness were due to SAD. Yes, SAD. In August!!! I shouldn't need to use the lightbox in the middle of the summer, but one dose shut off the feelings of distraction and inability to concentrate. A couple of days spent out in the sunshine (gasp!, yes sunshine!) going on local walks with my brother, who had popped over to stay for a couple of days, made me feel normal and even cheerful again. So now I know. Belatedly I realised how gloomy the weather has been here recently and I've been sitting inside, trying to finish the marking.

I have instructed G that if I show tendencies of going weepy or wobbly again he must either propel me outside to get some sunshine or, should there be no sunshine (very likely!), sit me down in front of the lightbox and switch it on!

Otherwise the marking is almost done. I am on target to finish the last few assignments over the weekend, ready to go to London for our mini-break.

I have also got the house more or less tidy throughout. All the homeless clutter is now either piled on the futon chair in my study or in the 1 foot high pile on the study floor. Another couple of days organising once we come back from London should complete the second draft of the house makeover.


I got a distinction on the creative writing course! :) That's the highest grade possible.

The result has been a nice confidence boost, though I'm sure that as soon as I start submitting stories again, it'll start taking a beating once more, but right now I feel enthusiastic about starting the advanced course in the autumn. That is going to be hard though and I may not do so well next time, but I should learn a lot as it covers script writing as well as fiction and poetry.

I haven't been taking photos much as I can't do serious photography and also enjoy the things going on around me, and when I have a guest, it seems rude to get too engrossed and ignore them. But I did snap this steam train that went past as we were walking to Barmouth this morning.

Steam train approaching Barmouth

This isn't a preserved railway, it's a special steam train running on the normal Railtrack main coast line.
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