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What I did on my holidays (London trip -- Day 1)


Yes, I am back, but it's taken a day or so to catch up with all the email, LJ etc. In addition, I've only just got to the point where my legs have stopped aching (we walked and walked and walked!).

So, this is Day 1 of our short break in London. (Monday 10 August)

The first stroke of luck was finding the steam train waiting in Machynlleth station when we arrived to catch the train to London.

Old carriages waiting at Machynlleth

As you can see, it was raining quite hard. Everything is shiny and slick with rain. But wait a moment, what's that badge on the side of that middle carriage? Luckily the Canon Powershot has a good zoom.

Hogwarts Railways

I don't know whether this is the train that features in the Harry Potter films, or whether (like the local Welsh narrow gauge railways do Thomas the Tank Engine trains), the preserved railway that normally hosts this train runs Hogwarts Express trains.

The Cambrian steam train

The train is about ready to leave.

The journey (on a much more mundane Arriva Sprinter train) was smooth and uneventful. We arrived in Euston and used our newly acquired Oyster cards to travel on the Tube to the LSE's Bankside Hall of Residence, where we were staying. The accommodation was fine: typical student study bedroom, but with twin beds. There was the tiny en suite shower room and a kettle and tea making facilities. No TV or free Net access, but that didn't bother us. By the time we'd walked around all day, all I was fit for was going to sleep! Besides, it was very reasonably priced.

So we went out for a walk...

London Eye

From this angle the London eye looks remarkably like a giant bicycle wheel!

Wandering on we passed Ede & Ravenscroft, a name that may be familiar to anyone who has attended a graduation ceremony in the UK and had to hire robes, and after a little more wandering, we passed J Wippell & Co Ltd, purveyors of all things ecclesiastical.


How much are those vestments in the window?

And at some point we passed this old Victorian building. It now seems to be some sort of conference centre, but originally, it was a public baths.

Victorian public baths

Houses of Parliament

And finally, no trip to London would be complete without the classic Houses of Parliament shot. :)
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