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A day of healthy exercise

G fancied going to the cinema this afternoon, but there was nothing on that we wanted to watch -- or at least nothing that both of us wanted to watch. He seemed a little sad because this was really the last day of his holiday; tomorrow he'll have to start seriously applying himself to college work for the new academic year. So I suggested that we could just go somewhere different, for example Aberystwyth. Yes, he said, we can have a look round the shops.

So we drove to Aber and we parked in the car park.

And then he said, "Why don't we just have a look at the start of the Ystwyth Trail?"

Thus I found myself walking towards the hill where I took George a few weeks ago. We didn't really find the start of the trail, but having seen the lie of the land the map now makes more sense.

Then we walked from the harbour all the way along the sea front and finally plodded up Constitution Hill. I haven't been up there since I was a student which was, ooooh, a long long time ago. The weather wasn't brilliant, but it stayed dry and I managed a couple of photos.

Cliff Railway and Aberystwyth

Cliff Railway, Aberystwyth

We did actually peep into a few shops on the way back to the car, but didn't end up buying anything. And then we drove home.

By the time we'd had dinner, it was too late to process the next batch of London photos, so that's a job for tomorrow.
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