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What I did on my holidays (London trip -- Day 2 morning)

This is what we did on the morning of Day 2 of our short break in London. (Tuesday 11 August)

We had decided to go on the London Walks® "Secret London" walk. Of course G won't actually sit and wait for anything to start, so we went on a pre-walk walk!

The actual guided walk began at Chancery Lane tube station and led to many interesting places, not all of which I managed to photograph and not all of the photos I took are fit to be posted, so just think of this as a taster of what we saw. I also realise now that I should have taken notes, because I can only remember a fraction of what the guide told us.

Old Patent office

Unless I've misremembered, according to the tour guide, this building used to be the original Patent Office.

The base of the lamp post was made out of an old cannon.

Staple Inn

Just step through an archway in an old row of shops and you'll find this quiet courtyard. The traffic noise and bustle of London is muted and on the right is Staple Inn

Victorian archway

This splendid building is the original headquarters of an insurance company, though exactly which one, I can't remember. [ETA: Thanks to del_c for providing the information that this is the Prudential Building.]

Old pub sign

This pub, though entirely surrounded by London, through a quirk of history, is in fact in Cambridge. :)

Plant wall

The walk "Secret London" took us through some of the newest hidden squares as well as some of the oldest places.

This brand new building has a green wall of living plants to help beautify the city and improve the air quality.

Samuel Johnson's House

The house at the end of Gough Square is where Samuel Johnson used to live. Apparently he worked on his dictionary in the attic room where the light was better.


Samuel Johnson lived in the house at the other end of the square and worked on his dictionary in the attic. This statue is in memory of his cat, Hodge, for whom he used to go out and buy oysters.

St Bride's Church spire

I can't really remember the names of all the interesting places we went, but I think this was St Bride's Church.

The guide told us that the spire was the inspiration for the original multi-tiered wedding cake, but I have no idea whether that is true or not.
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