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A tricky bit of de-cluttering and a new project

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had managed to make the whole house tidy enough for visitors by piling all the homeless clutter into my study. By yesterday, the piles were starting to make me feel claustrophobic, which meant I had to start finding homes for the stuff.

Now decluttering the house has always been like one of those sliding tile puzzles. Sometimes it looks quite good, but in order to get a stray piece into the right place, you have to jumble everything up again. Also, though you might have a problem in one area, you have to solve it by shuffling things in a completely different part of the house.

Or in other words, in order to find a home for the old story files and folders piled in my study, I needed to clear one of the big storage baskets in the conservatory, namely the Basket of Long Abandoned Sewing and Knitting Projects.

The main project was a sweater I began knitting over 25 years ago. I had got as far as completing the back and about a third of a sleeve and then the project stuck. For years and years and years. During which time, to make the problem worse, everything got horribly dusty and musty smelling.

So it was a tricky basket of clutter to deal with. It triggered the OMG I spent all that money on that wool, I can't just throw it away feelings. Also the OMG I spent hours knitting that, I really ought to finish it thoughts. But at first I didn't have the time and then I realised that even if I did finish it, I'd end up with a sweater that was so dated that I'd never wear it. And so it was that until now, every time I looked in there, my heart quailed and I just put the lid back on again, muttering, "I'll deal with that another time."

Yesterday I finally dealt with it...

I unravelled the knitting, washed and dried the wool and started a crochet shawl.

Crochet shawl in progress

I also washed the almost finished skirt and I've worked out how to adjust it to fit (I'm fatter now than when I started it!).
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