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I've just abandoned Gwyneth Jones's Divine Endurance. I'm sure this came highly recommended as one of her best. Perhaps I imagined the praise, because I couldn't get more than half way through it.

Firstly I couldn't suspend disbelief sufficiently to cope with humanoid beings that seem to be immortal and able to mend themselves and also didn't appear to need any kind of energy source. (Cho's eating was just done to fit in with people.) And yet within the first couple of pages, one of these beings (who had been taking "medicine", apparently to make himself age, though why he should do this was never specified) was killed by falling over a trip wire. Then there were frequent infodumps on the history and background of the "Should I be taking notes?" variety. Finally, I just got lost in all the complex politics of a world in terminal decline. There was no plot, or perhaps there was too much plot, so it resembled a tightly tangled ball of wool instead of an interesting tapestry. At least I will now give up on books instead of wasting time grimly reading on to the end. Book to go on To Be Donated pile.

Instead I read Hot Money by Dick Francis. This was a Good Read and read at a gallop.

I've now started reading Jane Eyre. This is one of those classics that I sort of feel that I've read, but actually haven't. I've seen BBC adaptations and possibly a film version; I've acquired knowledge of the story from hearing it talked about over the years, and I've read The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (which has a similar plot), but reading it now, despite being able to recognise quotations, I know I've never actually read it before.

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