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Haven't I seem you before somewhere?

Via steepholm, this face recognition test.

My Results


Out of 72 faces, you correctly identified 65.
In other words, you got 90% correct.

On our previous version of this test, the average person with normal face recognition was able to recognize about 80% of the faces. If you correctly identified less than 65% of the faces, this may indicate face recognition difficulties.

So it seems that when I say I'm pretty good at recognising faces, I am in fact correct.

However, if you ask me to remember names, that is another story story altogether, which is revealed by the second test on that page, namely the one involving recognising celebrities. A combination of watching very little TV and largely relying on radio for news, plus making a couple of mistakes because I just couldn't remember the name, though I knew the face was familiar, meant that I only got 71%.

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