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Lots of useful things done last week

I haven't been posting much because I've been doing useful but mundane things such as: clearing the giant ferns from the bank by the house wall, having a new double-glazed front door and window, signing back on as unemployed, selling some bits of scrap gold for £70, finishing one knitted hat and starting another, ordering the wool and circular needles to knit a sweater, buying a new doormat because the new door is lower than the old one and the old mat was too thick, getting new watch strap for my watch and G's and getting a new battery fitted in G's watch (why does everything break at once?).

There are still loads more useful but mundane things to do, but I will keep plodding through the list.

In other news, I have arranged to go and play with Brith again this Wednesday and I will be going up to meet our friends' new donkeys later in the week. I will see if I can take photos. And finally, we have just booked another mini-holiday in London. It seems to have become our short break destination of choice. Neither of us likes lazy beach holidays, I wilt in the heat and we live not far from the sea amongst mountains and lakes, so a big city makes a nice change.

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