Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Out and about in South Wales

I am in Caerleon once again. It's graduation day for some of G's BA Education students, so he has come along to represent the college and generally join in the celebration. He could probably have got a ticket for me too, but I declined, having done one Ceremony With Robes this year already.Instead, I said I'd just walk down into Caerleon and say hello to the Romann amphitheatre and barracks.

As it's turned out, I'm really glad I declined the ceremony, even though there are nice refreshments afterwards. After the awful couple of weeks we've just had, the weather has become settled and is indeed my favourite kind of weather: bright and sunny, warm enough to do without a coat, yet not so hot that I start to wilt. There is a delightful light breeze and the sky is blue from horizon to horizon. In fact I'd post a picture, except that for some reason Vodafone won't let me access either Flickr or LJ's Srapbook until I've reassured them that I'm over 18!

Yes, I did say Vodafone. I am communicating with you all via the mobile broadband dongle, which works very nicely with the Eee. I checked my OU email earlier, but it was difficult to read the screen in the bright sunlight, even when I arranged the Eee so it was in my shadow, so I am now sitting in the car waiting for G to appear, which he might do any minute now.

But other than the frustration of not being able to upload the photo I took, Eee plus dongle seems like a very useful combination. The Eee happily read the camera's memory card and once I've persuaded Vodafone that I'm an adult and therefore can be safely let loose with pictorial content, I should be able to do most of the things I do on the PC. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until I get back home to sort out the age thing as I need to PC to access the software that came with the dongle. I have no way of accessing it's details on the Eee. But I'm sure I can get it sorted out for next time I go away. Better to discover it now when it didn't matter!

Anyway, I had a very pleasant afternoon sitting in the sun and reading The Lost Stradivarus by John Meade Faulkner. On the way back towards the University campus, I stopped and had a cup of tea and tiny rhubarb crumble at a pleasant cafe with outdoor tables with sunshades and a resident tabby cat!

We're staying overnight just outside Merthyr Tydfil and hope to explore some waterfalls tomorrow.

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