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Writing progress

Story Title: A Necessary Evil
Words total: 86,061

I seem to be in the mood for finishing things. First the shawl and now I have decided to resurrect the Baradel novels. I have no clue now why I stopped writing ANE with a mere 4 chapters to go. I think I'd realised that the beginning was a shittier first draft than I had at first thought and I had the horrible feeling that the whole novel was unravelling behind me, but looking over the Big Battle and its aftermath today, there is some reasonable stuff in there, though it will, admittedly, be a big job to pull a decent draft together.

Anyway, my desire to write novels seems to have returned after being AWOL for over 12 months[*] and my job now is to finish a reasonably coherent first draft by the end of the year. If I can write about 400 words per day, I can finish getting the bones of the story down and rewrite the early chapters where Mark and Huw are in the infantry. Huge swathes of that can go and be re-written better, which will make the opening tighter and give the story a better shape.

A Necessary Evil
80,061/ 110,000 (78%)

[*] I have been writing short stories and poems though.

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