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In which I do some DIY

For the last couple of weeks, ever since we had our new double-glazed door fitted, we have been without a house number. The number, a large plastic 5 used to be attached to the door, but though G insisted on rescuing the number when the old door was removed, it was too big to fit on the narrower frame of the new door.

So I ordered a nice little slate plaque from the ironmongers in town. As they're made to order, it took a while to turn up, but it arrived in the post today.

And I have already screwed it onto the wall!!!!!

The five exclamation marks are because I managed to overcome my usual habit of saying, "I'll do that later," and then taking weeks, if not months to get around to it.

First I had to chip away some of the little stones that embellish the house wall. Our house is not so much pebble-dashed as gravel-dashed. Viciously sharp gravel at that. You do not want to scrape yourself on our house. Once I had flattened a place for the plaque, I then had to mark the places for the holes, drill holes, insert rawl plugs and then screw the plaque up.

The house wall was tough and my drill got tired half way through and had to be recharged, but by taking things very slowly and measuring carefully and using the spirit level, I fixed the plaque and it seems firm enough.

I am so proud of myself.

I keep having to go outside to admire it and to make sure it hasn't dropped off. :)
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