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A few random things make a post

Department of strange meteorological phenomena: Earlier, I glanced out of the study window to see that the clouds in the east were all glowing pink as the sun set.

Yes, I did say east. There was just a solid bank of cloud to the west.

Experiments with new recipes department: Further to the free peaches our neighbour gave us, there was also a cucumber, some mint, some sage and a punnet of strawberries. I made some tzatziki with some of the cucumber and mint and salvaged the best of the strawberries, which I cooked gently in the microwave before popping them onto a bought sponge flan base and topped with a Quickjel glaze. Both turned out very well. Tomorrow I have to tackle the tray of nectarines and apples.

I have still heard nothing about the job application for the other tutoring job. As the course starts in about a week, I assume I can take that as a "no" then.

Otherwise, today was a day of not doing very much. Must do better tomorrow, for one thing the house is starting to get messy again and our son and his wife are paying a flying visit at the weekend.

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